Saturday, April 2, 2011

The halcyon days of hippies

Out of the Square Productions present Songs of Peace and Protest as the Angry Penguins re-live the causes-that-mattered through song and story.  From Woody Guthrie's workers rights (Do-Re-Mi), to the early days of the environmental movement (Big Yellow Taxi), the Penguins explore the songs which made a difference.

The protest retrospective follows their popular Fringe show - a Restaurant Like Alice. Whether you sipped bad coffee at the Catacombs on Hackney Road or frequented the Purple Onion in Unley, these songs will take you back to the sweet strains of cafe-style folk to political satire in song.

Matinee performances will take place in cultural and arts centres throughout Adelaide and the Barossa Valley from April 5 to 15.


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