Friday, January 8, 2010

Fringe tickets on sale

Do you remember the six o’clock swill? How about when your doctor prescribed a packet of fags for your nerves? What were the drugs of choice for Queen Victoria, Sigmund Freud and Sherlock Holmes?

Take a trip with the Penguins from prohibition to the psychedelic era and nurture your neurosis with the soothing health benefits of a cup of coffee, a reefer, a Bex, a cigarette, a martini and a good lie down.

Nothing is sacred as the Penguins examine the marketing ploys and exploits of pharmaceutical and cigarette companies and ponder the real content of Schapelle Corby’s boogie board.

The Penguins perform in their own style the notable psychedelic classics of Jefferson Airplane and the Rolling Stones as well as some of the beautiful and haunting songs of loss and redemption of the likes of Neil Young, Kris Kristofferson, Mary Gautier and Lucinda Williams.

Virginia Slim, Penguin spokesperson, vocalist and pianist, said ‘we are really pleased to be able to remind audiences of gems such as the Kent Micronite asbestos filter, which was marketed as an innovation in smoker health.’

Ms Slim is joined by Mark Gasper (vocals, guitar), Chris Coolabah (Guitar and slide), John Kent (vocals, bass), and Buddha Sticks (Drums and Trombone)

A smoke, a pill and the six o’clock swill reminds audiences of the days when the Coolabah Cask and the drunks track home were the Friday night rituals of Australian suburban life.

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Dr. Diana Quinn said...

Got my tickets - see you at the Premier! The Promethean looks like a really cool venue.