Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Who are the Angry Penguins?

The Angry Penguins is an enigmatic name for an enigmatic little band comprising John Kemp (Bass, Vocals, Harmonica); Mark Gishen (Vocals, acoustic guitar); Chris Kelly (Electric, acoustic and slide) and Andrea Duff (Vocals and keys)
The Angry Penguins is also the name of a revolutionary literary movement in Australia in the 1940s, spearheaded by the writer Max Harris.
Yes - we are a bookish lot - a teacher, microbiologist, doctor and university lecturer. Beyond that, we are a left wing, right reclining, social libertarian, bi-partisan lot, with a social conscience who don't really give a damn about anything, really (some days, anyway!). We have wide ranging musical interests which are folkish, country and bluesish.
This is us, photographed by Diana Quinn at the Tin Cat Cafe where we have set up residence as we approach the forthcoming 2009 season of the Adelaide Fringe.


Shawn Michel de Montaigne said...

The best of luck to you and this project! You look like a happy lot!

I look forward to catching up with you and your band soon!


Jambalaya said...

Thank you, Shawn. Yes - happy rather than angry - until you get us started on something important like ... climate change...or Aussie Rules Football.

Bill Palmer said...

Hey Chris! Thanks for the email re the Fringe show and nice work on the blog mate, looks very dapper indeed!

Best of luck with the Angry Penguin show, please post up some samples when you can, would love to hear some signature Chris Kelly slide guitar lines / licks.

Rock on comrade!


Tonia said...

Hi guys have booked tickets for the 28th Feb show. Look forward to seeing you all then. Tonia xx